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Murray Henderson

Blessed with natural talent and instinctive creativity, Murray has been actively pursuing art since a young age and has grown into a highly celebrated artist, enjoying exceptional success painting athletes, musicians, celebrities and wildlife.

His creative work includes pencilling, drawing, inking, airbrush and painting, from realism to abstract. His art is benefited by a cross-disciplinary practice and find that his work in one style will influence work in another. His training in photo realism has a profound influence on the exact abstract art style. while simultaneously combining abstract and realism to create a dynamic often called "a cool piece of controlled chaos on canvas", a stylized medley of poetry in visual form. Crazy, but orchestrated compositions are enhanced in breadth and depth by the versatile use of different media and layers, simulating elements of fantasy and reality that are wedded in perfect harmony and balance.

Over the past 30 years Murray has had the privilege of raising money for conservation companies and numerous charities across Canada and the United States. He’s been exhibiting and selling artwork to individuals and businesses worldwide, with works currently featured in private and corporate collections in the United States, Canada, Scotland, England, Ireland, South Africa and Australia.

Murray’s goal is to inspire those who see his work to see the most wonderful moments in life in a new perspective, allowing them to appreciate their favorite athlete, team, musician, celebrity or achievement forever.

The art lends itself to a diverse audience and can be showcased anywhere in a home or workplace. A storyteller, Murray welcomes you to join him on this visual journey.

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